White Glove Services for the Interior Design Industry.

White Glove Services for the Interior Design Industry.


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Commercial Moves

Installations & Repairs

Specializing in Artwork & Antiques

Hotel & Resort Moves & Installations

Coordinated Designer Installation

Climate Controlled Designer Storage

Photo Cataloging of  Inventory

Installation Inspections by Room

Interior Designer on Staff

General Contractor on Staff

Trained in Handling Antiques

Electronic Installations

Fully Licensed & Insured


Designer Delivery Services, Inc. provides A/C containerized storage. This is the safest, most advanced, and inexpensive way to store your belongings. White Lion’s storage facilities are safe and secure.  Your belongings are handled carefully and stored to protect them from dirt, dust, and humidity.   White Lion Storage Solutions procedures dramatically reduce the handling of your items.  Thus ensuring optimum care and a more economical move.  Compare our services to pods, we offer the same professional quality.


Portable containerized storage makes pickup and delivery economical and cost effective.

    Items are wrapped and protected before being placed into sealed containers at your residence.   We also offer photo documentation and tracking of items placed into storage if needed.



Practical, Smart and Safe.

 All items packed in containers are padded and properly loaded to ensure the safety of your items during storage and transit.  Containers  are sealed and carefully labeled at your residence.



White Lion Storage Facilities.

 All containers are electronically tracked.  Oversized items are properly padded and placed on extra large racks to ensure proper furniture care.



Designer Delivery Service Storage Services


    Receiving -  Professional warehouse team

    Insured - Long and short-term storage

    Inspection -Inspection of all items

    Shipping - Crating and Packaging for shipping

    Digimail - Digital photos via email upon request



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